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Style# Metal Diamond
Bracelet Length
Total Weight
5636-2.0-7.014K White Gold2.0 7.0 481.56 US$4030.00 Buy Now
5637-2.2-7.014K White Gold2.2 7.0 451.92 US$4565.00 Buy Now
5638-2.4-7.014K White Gold2.4 7.0 432.26 US$5130.00 Buy Now
5639-2.6-7.014K White Gold2.6 7.0 412.67 US$5795.00 Buy Now
5640-2.8-7.014K White Gold2.8 7.0 393.32 US$7300.00 Buy Now
5641-3.0-7.014K White Gold3.0 7.0 373.89 US$8345.00 Buy Now
5642-3.2-7.014K White Gold3.2 7.0 344.25 US$9005.00 Buy Now
5643-3.4-7.014K White Gold3.4 7.0 334.65 US$10155.00 Buy Now
5644-3.6-7.014K White Gold3.6 7.0 325.43 US$12330.00 Buy Now
5645-3.8-7.014K White Gold3.8 7.0 326.39 US$14970.00 Buy Now
5646-4.0-7.014K White Gold4.0 7.0 306.90 US$16960.00 Buy Now
5647-4.2-7.014K White Gold4.2 7.0 297.53 US$18830.00 Buy Now


A vaulted setting with arched piercings welcomes your channel set Diamond creating a linear bar motif.
You may fully customize your Bracelet by selecting the arrow in the dropdown box to edit your Metal, Diamond Quality and Length.
An added plus is our unique design of a double security Clasp that hooks in with a foldover snap down Lid.

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