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To introduce the beauty and value of expertly crafted Jewelry to our clients.

Our Pedigree

Five generations of knowledge and skill are the foundation of the Palladora Trustmark. The Palladora family business started in the early 1800s. It took root in Europe in the "Gold and Silver City" Schwaebisch Gmuend whose first jeweller was recorded in 1372. At Palladora, an intense passion for creating fine jewelry has been passed down from father to son for over 200 years. It has crossed continents and cultures yet has never lost its quest for distinction in quality workmanship.

Social Responsibility


Conflict diamonds are diamonds used by subversive movements or rebels to gain power and money to fund their illegal operations. It was resolved with the creation of the World Diamond Council, a lobby group to represent the diamond industry to work with the United Nations and governments. The U.N. adopted the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme that requires each signatory country must certify all rough diamond exports are conflict-free and must allow rough diamond imports only from other participating countries also certified as conflict-free.

Palladora adheres to ethical and responsible business practices and partners with those who are in compliance with the Kimberley Process, certifying that all Diamonds are Conflict-free, natural and untreated other than polished.

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders

As a proud Corporate sponsor, Palladora supports MSF/ Doctors without Borders.

It was created by Doctors and Journalists in France in 1971 who decided to make a difference to those in need who are victims of disaster. By providing independent, impartial aid, MSF provides emergency medical care to millions of people in more than 60 countries around the world. In doing so, we seek to restore their dignity, alleviate suffering and protect life.

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