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How to determine your finger size

how to determine your ring size

How to determine your Finger size

If you are not sure in determining your Finger size, please e-mail us your request using the below link for your Ring Sizer.

Upon receipt of your e-mail we will immediately forward you your Ring Sizer ensuring you peace of mind that when ordering your Palladora ring, it will fit perfectly!
Request Ring Sizer at no cost

measure the finger


  1. Measure the finger where you intend to wear your ring. If you are selecting an engagement or wedding ring, it is traditionally worn on the ring finger (3rd finger from the thumb) of the left hand.
  2. The Ring Sizer works like a belt. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.
  3. Slip the Ring Sizer onto your finger. Adjust to give a comfortable fit, checking that it slips over the knuckles of your finger with ease.
  4. Read off the size indicated by the arrow when the best fit has been achieved. Your fingers may swell throughout the day, we therefore recommend that you measure your finger at different times of the day to ensure you achieve the correct (average) size.
  5. View/download our printable: USA & CDN Finger size Length Template
  6. View/download our printable: International Finger size Length Template
  7. Don't have FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader? download now

NOTE :   Palladora cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur from using this product however caused. Please use in a responsible manner and keep away from babies and small children.

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